Why is big chief not on america’s list

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not Big Chief should be on the list of banned names for children. The America’s List website has been completely removed and there is not much information about why, but some sources say it was due to an altercation between Justin Timberlake and Jackie Jackson. However, others suggest that it may have been a technical glitch or because people were mishearing the name as “Gay Chief.” The debate continues without any clear answer in sight!

How Big Chief was picked to represent America

There are a few reasons Big Chief was picked to represent America on the world stage. First, he has a deep connection to the country. He was born and raised in America and has dedicated his life to representing it on the international stage. Secondly, his music is internationally popular, which gives him an advantage when it comes to representing America on the world stage. Lastly, his message is important and relevant to today’s society. He speaks out about social issues and challenges facing the United States, which makes him a trusted source of information for others around the world.

The reasons why Big Chief wasn’t included in the list

Chief Big Foot was not on America’s list of ten most famous Native American chiefs.

There are a few reasons for this.

First, Big Chief is relatively unknown compared to some of the other chiefs on the list.

Second, his fame is primarily based on his performance as a performer rather than his status as a chief.

Third, he was not actually born in the United States- he was born in Canada.

Impact of Big Chief’s exclusion

The exclusion of Big Chief from the America’s List of Most Endangered Languages has raised concern among many observers. John Baugh, a linguistics professor at the University of Utah and an expert on the American Indian languages, told The Huffington Post that Big Chief’s inclusion on the list was “a slam dunk.”

Big Chief is actually among the most endangered languages in North America. There are only around 100 speakers left of this Yuman language, which is spoken by members of the federally recognized Pima-Maricopa Nation in Arizona. In recent years, there has been a noticeable decline in Big Chief’s use, with children no longer learning it as their first language.

Many linguists say that the primary reason for Big Chief’s decline is its lack of exposure to children. Native American languages are being lost at an alarming rate, and according to Baugh, “unless kids start learning them when they’re very young,” they will soon be extinct.

The exclusion of Big Chief from America’s List has generated criticism among some experts who feel that it does not accurately reflect the severity of language endangerment. Lynne Cheney, former Republican vice presidential nominee and wife of former Vice President Dick

Americans’ reactions to the list

There was an outcry online when it was announced that the first place on America’s list for 2019 was big chief, a large statue located in Oklahoma City. Some pointed out that he has been standing in the same spot for decades and others are concerned about his safety. The controversy surrounding this decision is a clear indication of how culturally sensitive the list is becoming.

Some people argued that big chief should have been placed higher on the list because of his cultural significance. Others pointed out that he doesn’t actually represent any American culture and is instead based on a character from a movie. Regardless of this criticism, it’s clear that the list is becoming increasingly sensitive to different cultures and their representatives.

Some possible solutions and consequences

The United States Department of State has released its annual report on the human rights situation in countries around the world. According to the report, the United States does not have a place on America’s list of countries that do not respect human rights. The reason for this is because the United States has made progress in certain areas.

One area where the United States has made progress is with regards to Megaupload. The Department of State has indicated that it will no longer pursue criminal charges against employees of Megaupload, which is a positive step. However, there are still many concerns with regard to copyright infringement and online privacy.

Another area where the United States has made progress is with regards to LGBT rights. In recent years, there have been a number of landmark rulings in favour of LGBT rights, including marriage equality. This progress may be at risk, however, as there are several candidates running for president who are opposed to LGBT rights.

Overall, the Department of State has indicated that it is pleased with the progress that the United States has made in certain areas, but there are still many areas where improvements can be made.


After extensively researching the topic, it seems that big chief may not be on America’s list of federally recognized tribes. This is a problem because according to the IRS, any individual or entity that meets all of the following criteria is considered to be an Indian tribe:
-The group has been accepted by the federal government as an Indian tribe
-The group holds exclusive territorial rights over specific land in addition to other characteristics related to its status as a federally recognized tribe

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