What is mircroblading Aftercare

What is mircroblading aftercare? You may be thinking of microblading. Here are some things you can do for the weeks and days following your procedure. Although it is normal to feel some discomfort following the procedure, this should not be considered alarming.

Tips For Microblading Aftercare

These are some tips to help you maintain your microbladed look. Ask your aesthetician before you start your microbladed aftercare routine.

  1. Wash the Area Twice a Day

You should wash the area with gentle soap twice daily after your procedure. Avoid pressure and rinse the area thoroughly. Avoid using harsh chemicals or excessive washing.

  1. Limit Shower Time

Limit your shower time to 5 minutes. Avoid excessively hot water and limit the time you take a shower. This will prevent irritation and provide the best results.

  1. Avoid contact with the treated area

It is important not to pick or snag on the area being treated.

  1. Medications

Follow the technician’s instructions after your appointment. You should use the recommended creams and ointments if your procedure involves any creams. Remember that water can loosen pigment and lighten your brows.

You can prevent this by washing your face gently with mild soap and cool water. To help create a protective barrier, apply the recommended ointment. You should always consult a dermatologist before you use any medicated products.

Here are some things to avoid after microblading

You should be mindful of the following tips after your procedure.

  1. Avoid sweating

The treated area may be damaged or irritated by sweetening, which can cause minor side effects of microblading.

  1. Excessive Alcohol

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption for seven days following treatment as it can have a huge impact on your microblading process.

  1. Water

Water is more irritating than water so stay away from it for seven days

  1. Your permanent makeup artist may not recommend that you use products.

These products can be used for microblading and also prevent scarring. Your permanent makeup artist will give you instructions that will help you achieve the best results. This can last up to a year or more. Use products that are suitable for microblading and healing tattoos to achieve the best results.

Here are some other things to avoid



For the first seven days, steam baths

Avoid using acids or facial scrubs.

For at least four weeks, avoid direct contact with water.

Avoid touching your eyebrows.

It’s important not to sleep on your side after this period, as it can cause permanent scarring and press on the area.

Additionally, you should not wear makeup for more than seven days as permanent pigment will fade.


Touchups are required after microblading. A session takes approximately an hour and you will need to return for a second appointment four weeks later. The second session will depend on the healing of your eyebrows and skin. However, it is important to remember that results will vary depending upon how you care for your skin. These instructions will give you an idea about what to expect.

What happens after microblading? Aftercare

Your eyebrows may appear slightly discolored or scabbed the first few days after microblading. This is normal. Normal care should be given to your eyebrows.

After six weeks, moisturizers or moisturizers can be applied to your brows. You should see a change in the color of your eyebrows after a month. Avoid picking at or scratching your eyebrows as this could lead to premature scab removal.

To ensure your eyebrows last for many years, you should take good care of them after microblading. With proper aftercare, your new eyebrows can last for up to 2 years. However, you need to take care of them to avoid any complications.

These are the steps to follow if you’re thinking about microblading. You’ll soon have beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows.

Your eyebrows might appear uneven and heavy the day after microblading. This is normal and part of the healing process.

Avoid touching or picking at the pigmented area. It can cause it to come off easier. You should also avoid rubbing the area.

Over the next few days, the pigment will slowly fade. You can clean your brows with lint-free tissue if you feel the urge to rub them.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about microblading aftercare.

  1. What can you do to take care of your eyebrows following microblading treatment?

Apply the microblading aftercare cream twice daily, after you have cleaned the microbladed areas. For approximately 10-15 seconds, gently brush your eyebrows with your fingertips and mild antibacterial soap such as Cetaphil.

  1. What happens if my eyebrows get wet from microblading treatment?

It is not recommended to get your Eyebrows wet during the healing/scabbing process. Water can lighten the skin pigment and make it less permanent.

  1. After microblading, when can I wash my eyebrows?

The short answer to the question “When can I wash my eyebrows after microblading?” is at least ten. It all depends on how long it takes for your eyebrows to heal and clean.

  1. What are the dos and don’ts of microblading treatment?

You should not wear makeup for at least one week. Because pigments can still settle in the superficial cuts made by the blading. Avoid picking at, tugging or itching the eyebrows. You will be able to heal your eyebrows faster if you avoid saunas, swimming, and excessive sweating.

  1. Do you need to moisturize after microblading is complete?

If you moisturize your tattoo regularly, it will stay bright and clear for many months. Protect the tattoo from the sun for the first few months by covering it with clothing, then apply sunscreen after it has healed.

  1. Can I put Vaseline on my eyebrows after microblading?

For ten days, you should avoid applying any products to the area (except temporarily Vaseline). All makeup, moisturizers, and ointments should be avoided. The first month is the best time to avoid rubbing the skin. Allow any scabs that may form to fall off to naturally.

  1. What does microblading look like after just one day?

The first day, your eyebrows will look fuller and more bold. The colour will fade over time, even though it may seem very dark. You will most likely feel redness.

  1. After microblading for 7 days, can I wash my eyebrows?

You should not touch your eyebrows for seven days after your procedure. You can wash your face around the area that has been treated, but not the eyebrows. Take a warm bath and keep your face away from the water source.

  1. After microblading, when can I lay down on my back?

For the first two weeks, don’t sleep on your back or face. It causes wrinkles and pushes pigment out. Wear your hair in pigtails, or an aeroplane neck cushion to prevent it from falling on your sides.

  1. How can microblading heal quicker?

Wet Healing: A gentle, approved cleanser for permanent makeup will be used to clean your eyebrows every morning and at night. To prevent your skin drying, you will be given instructions to use a suitable gel. PROS: Your skin will not scab and will heal faster.


Aftercare for Microblading includes the following: Do not use any soap, shampoo, makeup, or water on your eyebrows for the first seven days.

Keep your eyebrows dry. Take a warm bath and keep your face away from the water source.

Itching and flaking may occur within seven days of surgery. Avoid picking and scratching as this can lead to scabs falling off prematurely. This could cause scarring or uneven results. If you follow these instructions, these symptoms can be quickly treated.

After four days, wash your hands well and apply the cream to your skin using a cotton swab. The ointment can be used twice daily, each morning and at night. However, it is best to not use too much as your skin will need to heal. You can continue to use the ointment for 7 days.

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