What episode does Neji die

What episode does Neji die?Β Hyuga Neji, one the main characters in Naruto manga anime dies in episode 364, season 17 Naruto Shippuden. Neji was a member team 11, along with Rock Lee, Tenten and Guy Sensei.Β Neji was a Jonin, and one of the most remarkable Hyuga Clan ninjas.

Which Episode Did Neji Die in?

Episode 364, “Tsunagareru Mon” in Japanese, sees Neji’s death. Shin Yoshida wrote the Japanese script and directed it. Neji died in 364 episodes, saving Naruto (and Hinata) during the 4TH Ninja World War.

Which Episode Does Neji Die in?

In the English dubbed version of episode 364 entitled “The Ties That Binds”, “Neji Dies” aired December 12, 2021.

Naruto Shippuden’s decision to kill Neji was not an impressive one. However, they show us how committed everyone is to the dialogue that we have been hearing from the very first episode: “I’ll Never Let My comrade Die.”


Which episode is Neji's Death?Β Episode 364 of Naruto Shippuden's season 17 is when Neji dies. It was titled "The Ties That Binds."

Neji Death episode

Just as the Allied Shinobi Forces prepare to attack Two Uchiha, the two use the power of the beast to drive all their enemies away.Β Madara claims that their plan to destroy the brains of all their enemies is fundamental.

Madara uses the Ten-Tails’ Beast Balls to strike seemingly innocuous targets.Β Shikaku tries to communicate with Kakashi about the plans for stopping the Ten Tails.

What episode does Neji die?Β 

Ao however, notices a Tailed Beast Ball moving towards the headquarters. Shikaku and Inoichi are left to announce their final actions to the force and to say goodbye to Shikamaru Inoichi, and Shikamaru Inoichi.

Madara announces that the Ten Tails are becoming more difficult for him to manage after the destruction of the Allied Headquarters. A Jinchuriki has more power over the monster than a normal person. It is important to have a human body in order to succeed, not just a revived corpse.

This method can only be used by Obito to bring back Madara. Obito has an additional move. Obito uses several wood spikes to inflict a lot of death on Naruto, the All-Allied Shinobi Shinobi, and he wants to demoralize Naruto.

Hinata Hiashi and Neji try to protect Naruto against the Ten-Tails’ attacks.Β Neji becomes a human shield after a targeted attack is made on Naruto.

This protects both Naruto as well as Hinata.Β After understanding the reason his father died to protect his soldiers, Neji is now suffering from his wounds.

Obito tries to convince Naruto Neji’s death and many Allied Forces deaths are not worth his words and beliefs, which makes Kakashi more anxious. However, Hinata brings Naruto back into the real world.

Kurama supports Hinata’s statement, stating that Neji’s sacrifice was comparable to Minato’s or Kushina’s decision to defend Naruto soon after his birth.

Β The fully charged A entered Tailed Beast Mode and charged towards its target, Ten-Tails. This caused it to consume the same Tailed Beast Ball.

The device successfully detonated, allowing the characters to gain their time. After recharging his levels, Naruto puts on his Cloak again and gives Hinata his Chakra of the Fox.


Which Episode Did Neji Die in?Β Episode number 3 of Naruto Shippuden's season 17 sees Neji pass away.Β It was episode 364 in total, titled "The Ties That Bind."

What happened to Neji?Β 

Neji Death Episode

Episode 364, Neji is killed. Hinata, Naruto and Hinata are saved by Obito’s wood kunai’s that he gave to the entire shinobi Alliance.Β 

Obito becomes agitated when Naruto attempts to tell him that he won’t let any of his comrades die.Β Obita gives wood to the entire shinobi alliance.Β Naruto is trying to save everyone, not himself.

Hinata realizes that the two Kunai will strike Naruto. She runs towards Naruto and stands before him. Neji leaps in front the Kunai to save both Naruto and Hinata before they hit Naruto or Hinata.

Neji’s final words were

“Lady Hinata was willing to give her life for you. You have more than one life in your hands, and I am also one now.

After uttering his Last words. Neji’s head seal is broken, allowing him to enjoy the freedom he once dreamed of.

Who was Hyuga Niji?

Hyuga Neji was part of the Hyuga branch family. Their role was to protect and preserve the main family’s bloodline from any enemies or other threats that could lead to the end of the main family.

Many people see Neji as a simple sacrifice that changed the momentum of war. Except for the episode Neji dies in, there are many other episodes where he did many different things to improve the Naruto manga Anime.

Neji’s father, Hyuga Hinata’s main family leader, died while Neji was protecting him. Neji was deeply affected by his death.

Neji believed, or more accurately, we said that we believed, that you cannot change your fate. His destiny was to save Lady Hyuga Hirata of the main family, and no one can alter that. After passing the chunin exam, his mind changed when he met Naruto in battle.

Neji was a genius, while Naruto was a complete failure. Neji believed Naruto to be a failure and that it was his fate to fail; in his opinion, Naruto should quit being a Ninja.

But, Naruto proved Neji wrong in the chunin Exam. He defeated Neji, and told him to stop talking about fate and destiny.

Neji began to do things since then that could help the Hyuga clan change and give freedom for Branch Family.

Neji’s death: My opinion

It was a good move, and I don’t think it was a bad one. After all, if nobody dies in war, then it wasn’t a War. Neji was genius and I would love to have seen him change the destiny of branch Hyuga families.

All our hopes are lost.Β The death of Neji had a profound impact on the entire Shinobi Alliance.Β From episode 1, the dialogue “I’ll never allow my comrade to die” was a fancy line that we only heard until episode 364.Β 

Naruto is told by Hinata that it’s not only you who saves Neji’s comrade.Β We are all willing to sacrifice our lives for one another, just as Neji. This moment gave his death its true meaning.Β According to me, it was his death that required it.

Frequently asked questions

Here is some frequently asked questions related to the article “What episode does Neji Die?”

Who was Neji Hyuga killed in Naruto?

Neji’s death – How did Neji Hyuga die during the Naruto series. Neji died in the fourth great Shinobi War arc. Neji was killed by the ten tails that released multiple projectiles from wood release (like spears), and these tails were taken under the control of Obito Uchiha and Madara Uchiha.

What happened to Neji?

Fan-favorite Ninja, Neji, decided to sacrifice his life in order to save Hinata as well as Naruto during Naruto’s fight in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Neji died after the ninja protected Hinata from debris meant to protect Naruto or Naruto. Both Ninjas were shocked by the event.

Which season is Neji’s death?

Many of Naruto Shippuden’s most beloved characters were killed during the 500-episode series. However, Neji’s final death was the end for Naruto’s crew. Episode 364 of “Fourth Shinobi World War” Cliion was the scene in which the tragedy took place.

Who kills Deidara

Deidara was trying to kill Sasuke when she died in a suicide blast. Kakashi killed Kakuzu when naruto used a wind-style Rasen Shuriken.

Who was Naruto killed?

The story in Naruto #640-677 shows Obito Uchiha removing Naruto as he separates Naruto from Kurama.

Neji, why did you sacrifice yourself?

Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto manga, stated that Neji was supposed die in order to draw Naruto and Hinata closer together. This is a reference in Episode 365 of Naruto Shippuden Anime. In Episode 365, Neji suddenly dies and Naruto is left devastated. Hinata invites him along to her home.

Does Neji get revived?

No Neji, who died before naruto obtained sage chakra, didn’t revive Guy. Guy survived, while Neji died. Death cannot be brought back to life.

Is Neji alive in Boruto?

Boruto did not meet Neji in his time. Fans will know that Neji was killed in the Fourth Great Ninja War to save Naruto. Naruto used Neji’s tragic death as a motivation to save Naruto. He promised that his friend’s sacrifice would not be for nothing.


Which episode is Neji’s final?Β Neji is killed in episode 364 (17) of Season 17. It’s titled “The tie that bind.” Neji was shot by two spear-shaped wooden kunai, thrown by ten tails at Obito’s command.

When did Neji Die? Hyuga Neji, one of the main characters of Naruto Manga Anime died to save Naruto Hinata and Hyuga Hinata’s lives from the large kunai made of wooden spears.

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