What episode does Mitsuki disappear

What episode does Mitsuki disappear? Mitsuki disappear in episode 71. It is titled “The hardest rocks in the world.” Mitsuki’s disappearance marks the ninth arc in Boruto: Naruto.

Mitsuki Disappear details

Masashi Kishimoto created Mitsuki as one of the main characters in the Boruto anime series. The series follows Uzumaki Boruto’s life, the son of Uzumaki Naruto. Mitsuki is Orochimaru’s child.

Which Episode Did Mitsuki Go Miss?

After the Chocho arc ended, Mitsuki vanishes in episode 71. This was following the Momoshiki/Chocho arc. Many fans were puzzled by Mitsuki’s disappearance. If you’re Naruto, you’ll know what this obsession leads to.

After the attack on village gate guards, Mitsuki vanishes from the hidden Leaf. The land of stone was the location of the people responsible for the disappearance. Boruto anime episode 71 reveals all of this.

Boruto learns about his friend and teammate’s disappearance, and decides to find him. It was impossible without knowing the truth.

Episode 72, titled “Mitsuki’s Will” of Boruto: The Next Generation, Boruto meets one of the Snakes of Mitsuki. Boruto received a message from the snake that it was “this is mine will”.

This message was sufficient to launch his mission to find Mitsuki. After several episodes, finally, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki meet in episode 79.

What happened to Mitsuki?

After leaving the academy, Mitsuki returns to his bedroom and feels another person’s presence. He looks around and finds a letter under his bed.

Shortly after Mitsuki has read the letter, some unknown men attack the shinobi who guards Hidden Leaf Village’s gate. Episode 71 concludes after that.

Which episode is Mitsuki’s Disappearance?

Boruto 72: Lord Seventh (Naruto), increases security in the village. The victims of the attack were not conscious at the time; Sai was watching the situation with Leaf Police Force, while Shikamaru attempts to analyze it.

However, Lord Seven questioned the guards and they discovered that Mitsuki had left the village at his will.

When did Mitsuki Disappear?

Shortly after the conclusion of Versus Momoshiki, Mitsuki vanishes. The Chocho arc follows. Which episode did Mitsuki disappear from? Episode 71 was the last time Mitsuki was seen in Leaf village. His absence continues until episode 92.

It is not clear whether Mitsuki vanishes at his Will, or if he deceives them. It was important that he kept his Will pure and continued to do so.

How long will the Mitsuki disappearance period last?

The ninth arc in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ is Mitsuki’s Disappearance Arc. It contains episodes 71 to 92. It is preceded by Chocho Arc, Parent and Child Day Arc, and followed by 92 episodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Mitsuki’s disappearance arc just a filler?

Although the anime is much longer than the manga, it still feels like it is telling the entire story. The Chocho arc, however, is pure Naruto-style filler. It’s not in the manga.

Which episode was Mitsuki’s return?

It is Episode 92, Boruto Naruto Next Generations: A New Ordinary. This episode sees Mitsuki return to Hidden Leaf village. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode79 – Mitsuki is reunited with Boruto and Sarada.

What happens to the Mitsuki disappearance arch?

Where’s Mitsuki? – Back to the point: Mitsuki was able to realize that he is an individual being and not a clone. Boruto was able to help him come to terms who his friend is.

What is the reason Mitsuki went missing?

Fans were able to see the conflict in Mitsuki’s mind in an earlier arc. Now, however, it’s clear that Mitsuki is troubled in his heart and mind. Because someone claimed to know the answer to his inner turmoil, he “turned traitor” and left Hidden Leaf Village.

What will happen to the Mitsuki disappearance-arc?

Where’s Mitsuki? – Let’s get back to the point. Mitsuki was able to realize that he is an individual being, not a clone. Boruto was able to help him come to terms who his friend is.

Is the Mitsuki Retrieval arch canon?

A Mitsuki-focused episode can also be found in one episode. This episode focuses on Manga Canon, and traces his roots. Arc 06 Episodes 56 The Chunin Exam/Momoshiki Arcs Manga Canon. It is essentially an extension of the Boruto Movie. 30

Does Boruto get Mitsuki back?

Ino looks into the minds of the attacker guards, and finds that Mitsuki along with two Iwa Shinobi attacked them. Naruto places a lockdown until Mitsuki’s return. Boruto and Sarada make the decision to bring Mitsuki back home on their own.

Is Mitsuki going to the Leaf again?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Mitsuki Disappearance began as a mystery when Mitsuki mysteriously left Hidden Leaf Village. When asked why, he replied that he had decided to leave the village. The latest episode explains the mystery.

Which episode was Mitsuki in?

Despite Konohamaru’s conflict and outrage from the village, Boruto & Sarada eventually brought Mitsuki back and allowed him to join Team 7 and his Konoha families.


What episode does Mitsuki disappear? Mitsuki vanishes in episode 71, titled “The hardest rock in the world.” In episode 72, titled “Mitsuki’s Will,” the Mitsuki vanishes completely from the anime. The Mitsuki disappearance story arc begins at the beginning of episode 71 and continues through the Chocho arc until episode 92.

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