what episode does Ace die

What episode did Ace die in? Ace dies in the 483rd episode “Looking For the Answer – Fire Fist Ace Die on the Battlefield” of One Piece.

Ace was not only executed but also tried in episode 479th, titled “In Front of the Execution Platform!” “The Way to Ace has Opened!”

This episode sees Ace die in front of the execution platform. It is not a happy end for Luffy nor the audience. Luffy weeps after Ace’s passing, and just a few lines later, Ace is dead.

Which Episode Did Ace Die in?

Ace is the brother of Luffy, the main protagonist in one-piece anime. D monkey. His debut was made in the Drum Island arc, Chapter 154 manga and Episode 91 anime.

What episode is Ace in?

Which episode of Ace’s life is it? Ace’s episode number is 483 and it’s titled “Kotae O Sagashite Hiken Ace Senjou Ni Shisui” (japanese) and “Looking For the Answer – Fire Fist Ace Dies at the Battlefield” (English).

Ace is the first character to die in the series. This is surprising considering Ace was such a beloved character. Fans still find it difficult to believe that Ace died in episode 483 after such a popular series.

Fans developed an emotional connection to Ace and the surface is still well-remembered. Ace is buried with his family in the last episode.

Ace was not really able to recover from his loss, even though he had died earlier. After the death of his friend, Ace was determined to train harder than ever. Many of his fans were shocked at his passing, but they believed he had died for the greater good of the world.

The characters’ deaths were symbolic of the war they witnessed as a result of their grief. Many fans also felt sorry for Whitebeard who had seen the deaths of many young children before.

Ace Death and Its Influence on the Series One Piece:

Six years after Ace’s passing, the second half of the series takes place. Without Ace’s death, Luffy and the other participants would not have been allowed to attend the Colosseum. As Ace was not alive, this would have been impossible as the fruit could not have been given as a prize in fighting tournaments.

This was also the beginning of the second half. Ace will not return until there is a way to bring the dead to life. Ace will not be able to recover his life unless he resurrects the devil’s fruit.

The fight against the Whitebeard Pirates begins the third season. The fight is fierce and the pirates are stunned.

Ace Die was the episode that gave birth to many paths for the series’ story. Ace survives because he promised Luffy that he would protect him from an early age. Many people attempt to kill Ace in the manga. Dadan, a woman by the name of Ace, scolded Ace for hurting people.

It’s a great opportunity to relive Ace’s first season in One Piece. Ace, a Fire Fist sacrificed his life in love for Luffy.

Ace could have survived and even fled with the Whitebeard Pirates, but his death was tragic and preventable. Ace could have survived and escaped the Marineford War with Luffy, the Whitebeards, if he had.

Ace is Gol D. Roger’s son and was a beloved character in the One Piece series. Ace and Luffy met at the Battle of Alabasta. Blackbeard killed him later, as he wanted to punish Ace for being in Ace’s section.

The War of Marineford was the result. It isn’t yet known if he will ever return in the One Piece universe. Fans will enjoy an exciting episode if he returns.

Ace saves Luffy’s lives and stops Akainu executing him in this episode. However, Ace was about to be killed by Akainu, but Vista, Jinbe and Luffy stopped him.

Ace realizes that his last days are numbered and that he only has a few more minutes to live. Ace passes away with a touching monologue.

Episode 483: Ace’s death

Ace’s Ruyasin is defeated in that episode. This episode marks the end of the series. Fans of the anime will rejoice to learn that Luffy’s Ruyasin was the true culprit in the sabotage of Luffy. They’ve killed the ruyasin if this is true. This will be an important plot point in the next episode.

Admiral Akainu hits Ace with a magma fist, and he then falls into the arms Luffy. Ace thinks back to his past and remembers his ultimate goal: to find out if the man who he was born is worthy of being born.

Jinbe and Luffy continue to follow Akainu, but Jinbe thwarts his efforts. Vista and Marco arrive to assist Luffy, and they hit Akainu using Haki’s impregnated attack. They realize that they aren’t effective against the Admiral.

The rest of the group looks in shock at Ace’s injuries and wounds. They inform Luffy that Ace will not be able make it.

Ace leaves behind a heartfelt message to Luffy, thanking him for everything and thanking everyone for being so kind. Later, Luffy is seen crying over the loss his brother.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions about the article “What episode does Ace die?”

  1. Is ACE coming back to life?

There is no way Portgas D. Ace won’t be resurrected in One Piece. Oda, the creator of One Piece, stated clearly that he has no plans to revive Ace anytime soon.

  1. Who is the Fire Fist killer?

Once you understand the events that led to Ace’s death, you can conclude that he was killed in the name Admiral Akainu. Every One Piece fan that hates Akainu knows this is his most sinister crime. This is the crime that took the charming pirate from all those who loved him. Akainu tried to convince Squad to commit a crime to betray Whitebeard.

  1. What happens to Ace when Luffy dies?

Bai higeYan Xie nakiNu ri!) Luffy is left completely disabled after witnessing Ace’s death by Akainu. Akainu will attempt to kill Luffy, but Marco and Jimbei fight him to protect Luffy. Jimbei then escapes with him.

  1. Which Ace episode was it?

“The Beginning of the War!” Ace and Whitebeard’s Past! This is the 461st episode in the One Piece anime. Ace is revealed.

  1. What is Dragon’s bounty on One Piece?

Luffy’s bounty increased to $500 million after he defeated Doflamingo Captain Doflamingo. This number could increase due to Luffy’s victory over Katakuri. He is now on his path to defeating Big Mom, with the help of his crew and the Sun Pirates.

  1. What was the reason Ace was executed?

Ace was freed. Ace gave his life to save Luffy from Marine Admiral Akainu.

  1. Who is ACE’s father, and what are his responsibilities?

Gol D. Rod is the father of Portgas D. Ace. Portgas D. Rouge was the mother of Ace and was therefore executed Gol D. Roger, Pirate King. Portgas D. Rouge was the one who carried Ace for twenty-months to protect him from being taken by the World Government, which sought to eradicate every Piece of Ace’s blood.

  1. What were the last words of aces?

Ace’s last message for family and friends.” “You’re not changing a bit, Luffy?” Luffy?”

  1. Who is ACE brother?”

Monkey D. Luffy, the only Monkey D. Ace, also known as Gol D, was born “Fire Fist Ace” and was adopted by Monkey D. Luffy.


Which Episode did Ace die? Portgas D. Ace, also known as Ace, died within the first episode. One Piece episode 483.

The episode’s title was “Looking For the Answer”. Many people recognize the episode’s title as “Fire Fist Ace Dies at the Battlefield”.

This episode was an amazing one and many viewers were devastated.

Ace is mentioned numerous times throughout the film. Multiple times the surface is mentioned, and flashbacks to Ace’s character are included later in the film!

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