Unemployable facebook group review

unemployable facebook group review

The world has gone digital and people are now able to send messages through social media platforms, websites and blogs. This leaves a lot of room for false information and bad information getting out into the world. One way to help stop this is to review what you find online, regardless of how much time it takes or how long the process may be. In this article, we will review an unemployable Facebook group that is causing some trouble in the digital world.

What is an unemployable graduate?

One of the most common concerns that graduates have when they enter the workforce is finding a job that fits their skills and experience. But what about graduates who can’t find a job because their skills and experience don’t fit the current market? In this blog post, we’re going to discuss what qualifies as an unemployable graduate, and how to overcome any barriers to finding employment.

If you’re a recent graduate who’s struggled to find a job in your field, it might be time to assess whether you fall into the category of an unemployable graduate. Here are five factors that could indicate you’re un employable:

  1. You lack specific skills or experience that are in high demand on the market.
  2. You’ve been out of work for a long period of time.
  3. You’ve tried different types of jobs, but haven’t found any that meet your needs.
  4. Your resume doesn’t match the type of job you’re applying for.
  5. You’ve had negative experiences with employers in the past.

The Facebook Group

Unemployed people have one thing in common: they’re all looking for work. That’s why it’s so important for them to stay connected with each other, and to share resources and advice.
The Facebook group “Unemployed People Looking for Work” is a great place for unemployed people to connect. The group has more than 6,000 members, and the discussions are lively and helpful. Members share job postings, advice on how to network, and tips on finding jobs.
The group is moderated by a volunteer team of experts, so you can be sure that the content is reliable and up-to-date. It’s also worth noting that the group is open to everyone, regardless of whether you’re employed or not.
If you’re unemployed and looking for advice, then check out the “Unemployed People Looking for Work” Facebook group!

How to get into the Unemployable Graduates group

If you’re a recent graduate who’s looking for a job, and you’re not employable on your own, then you should check out the Unemployable Graduates Facebook group. This group is filled with people who are in the same position as you, and they’re willing to help you get your foot in the door. The group is run by Shark Tank alum and entrepreneur, Stefan Fordham. Stefan is a go-getter and will do whatever it takes to help his members land their dream job. He’s also constantly sharing job listings and advice on how to stand out from the crowd. If you’re serious about finding a job, then you should join the Unemployable Graduates Facebook group.

The Purpose of the Unemployable Graduates Facebook Group

The purpose of the Unemployable Graduates Facebook group is to provide a forum for recent graduates to network and share advice about finding employment. The group is open to anyone who is unemployed or looking for a new job. Membership is free and anonymous.

postings in the Unemployable Graduates Facebook group are moderated, so only helpful information will be posted. Group members can ask questions, offer advice, and offer support to one another. The group also has a blog section where members can share their experiences and progress in finding employment.

Compliments and Critiques of Unemployable Graduate’s Services

The blog section for the article “unemployable facebook group review” provides compliments and critiques of Employable Graduate’s Services. Compliments include the ability to find job postings quickly and easily, the helpfulness of the admins, and the variety of job postings. Critiques include the low quality of some of the postings, and the fact that some of the posts are outdated or not relevant to current job openings.


I’m not sure what to make of this facebook group. It seems like it could be a great resource for people looking for job openings, but I can’t seem to find any information about the employer or how to become a member. I guess I’ll just have to take your word for it that it is legit and go from there. If you know more about this group and its capabilities, please share in the comments below!

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