Let’s look at a couple of the NAKED 100 Salts Menthol liquid flavors

A Closer Look at the E-Liquid Brand Naked 100

It’s likely that you’ve heard of NAKED 100 Salts Menthol in the case of a vaper. You might not have had the pleasure of trying it. You’ve come to the right place to find out more about the renowned e-liquid brand.

“Naked” 100 Salts Menthol has reached at the very top of industry of vaping in only seven years and with very good reason. Candy and food-flavored products are among the most popular products. However, they do try to avoid making these products to be too sugary. In addition, their menthol offerings are punchy while maintaining complex layers. Additionally, vape enthusiasts will appreciate their NAKED salts 100 menthol packs appealing.

Naked 100’s Fundamentals

Manufacturers make complex mixes to satisfy the tastes of vapers on the market for vapes. They will steer clear of simple, enjoyable fruits, like.

Instead exotic fruits and exquisite flavors such as Madagascar vanilla and crΓ¨me french will entice clients. Naked 100 on the contrary, doesn’t adhere to this idea. It only creates flavors that are simple and simple.

There are no other additives to their flavor. However, they do deliver a powerful, tasty simple vape. 60ml bottles of Naked 100 e-liquid are available.

The design of the packaging reflects the basic, simple idea. The name of the brand and the flavor are the only items that are printed on their bottles. They also have product information on the label. Size as well as the PG/VG ratio and nicotine levels, for instance they are all displayed on the packaging.

The Naked 100 juice in contrast it is packaged in packaging which makes identifying the flavors components easy. Consider, for instance, the Naked 100 lava flow. A pineapple, strawberry, and coconut are featured inside the bottle. It’s easy to imagine what Naked 100 foods might taste when paired with these images.

The Choice Is Yours With Naked 100

Naked 100 Naked 100 product range has only a few blends of PG/VG. But the quality of the brand is more than enough to make up for the limitations of mixing options. There aren’t any other ratios of PG/VG. All Naked 100 e-juices contain 70 percent blends of VG.

The high-VG blends are compatible with all current tank and atomizers. Additionally, the entire range of products offered by the company is always top-quality. It is important to note that Naked 100’s vape juice is best used on powerful devices. For devices that aren’t high-end, Naked 100 e-juices don’t perform as well.

But, Naked 100 products are available in a range different nicotine concentrations. For atomizers of today the range offers plenty of options. It is likely that you will require the largest 12 mg/milliliter option when you’re switching from smoking tobacco to vaping. If you’re using a simple pen for vaping is a must, and you’ll need an 18 mg/milliliter bottle.

The Naked 100 E-Liquid Brand’s Flavors

If you don’t own an ultra-premium vape device, you should think about purchasing one. The incredibly high-end Naked 100 product range is worth the cost.

Let’s examine a few from the Naked 100 e-liquid flavors.

Coconut, strawberries, pineapple, and coconut mix to make Lava Flow. It’s a refreshing drink mixture. In the mouth, this juice has a harmonious pineapple-coconut taste. Strawberry notes on the other hand help to enhance the overall flavor.

The Very Berry is a wonderful blueberry, blackberry and lemon mix. It will give you a great dose of all tastes when you sip. Blueberry notes are, however will be the star of the show. The e-liquid tastes of refreshing Hawaiian cocktail.

The next flavor next is Triple Strawberry Fusion, a Naked 100 candy flavor that is akin to strawberry bubblegum. It is a great imitation of one of the most well-known sweets.

The other way around, Straw Lime Fusion combines fruity and citrus flavors. The e-juice is a great balance of acidity and sweetness that gives a pleasing taste. The citrus undertones in the juice however make vaping enjoyable to a whole new level.

Strawberry Pom is an menthol-based product that is part of the 100 brand that is naked. Naturally, it comes with the well-known menthol flavor. But exotic fruits such as the pomegranate, kiwi, and some strawberry help to enhance the familiar taste. The menthol in this blend is strong and is extremely chilled.

In contrast the pineapple flavor mixes well with menthol , and hits your taste buds simultaneously. Instead of a strong menthol flavor with a hint of fruits, the result is a fruity taste with the menthol taste.

The Naked 100 stands out in the crowd.

There are many vape brands to pick from if you’re in search of the best vape juice. The majority of e-liquid products aren’t likely to be mentioned or seen for a long time.

The brand offers the perfect balance between high-quality and low price. Naked 100 Salts Menthol is a great choice. Naked 100 Salts Menthol e-juice collection is a mix of sweet exotic, tropical, and savory flavors. So, you’ll be able to discover several Naked 100 options that you like.

Naked 100 Menthol also has a broad collection of nicotine salt eliquids with a high percentage of PG. This range of products of Naked 100 is ideal for pod mods as well as other similar devices. Additionally it is the case that all Naked 100 vape liquids burst with flavor and deliver an impressive punch.

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