How did Boruto get Jougan

How did Boruto get Jougan? Boruto got Jougan by accident. Boruto was a descendant of Jougan. Jougan is a dojutsu known for being “Pure Eye.”

Boruto awakens his Jougan during a fight with Nue. It was then involuntarily. Many believe that the Toneri was responsible for the Jougan’s awakening. He was performing a prophetic ritual on the Moon.

How did Boruto Get the Jougan Boruto was a kekkai-genkai when he got the jougan. Tone gave it to him or did Hinata do something to him in the last film? Or is it due to hamura chakra, Hinata, and hagoromo (naruto), getting mixed.

It is important to understand the entire article. If you haven’t seen the trailer, just read the conclusion. Some parts may contain spoilers.

Boruto: Who are you?

Boruto is a fictional character from the sequel to Naruto. It was created by Masashi Kishimoto and titled Boruto: Naruto’s next generation. He is Uzumaki Naruto’s son.

Boruto is a loathsome Hokage’s child and loves Uchiha Sasuke. He is the fourth Hokage’s grandson.

Boruto looks very similar to Naruto in the anime.

How did Boruto become a Jouganist?

Because the series doesn’t have any interactive action melodramatic like the prequel Naruto Shippuden, the question of Boruto getting the Jougan is unanswerable.

The anime doesn’t give any information or clues about the Jougan. Even the Sasuke isn’t aware of anything.

How did Boruto get The Jougan?

Boruto awakened Jougan for the first time in the show when he faced Nue and Mitsuki.Β It was voluntary, however.Β Boruto could have had Toneri Otsuki as a guide in his quest for the Jougan through a vision of a prophetic dreams.Β It’s unclear why Boruto is wearing the Eye of pure sight in the series.

Although we believe that Boruto was not provided the dojutsu Boruto by Toneri, he did help Boruto to activate it. Because the Jougan is thought to be linked to The Otsuki Clan, we believe that Toneri was able help Boruto bring back the Jougan.

Boruto’s lineage could also be considered (meaning that Boruto may be able bring back Jougan naturally). It would take a while.

Hinata Hyuga is her mother and directly related to Hamura Oktsuki. His Chakra was presented to him during Naruto: The Last Movie. Hamura’s Chakra is essential to activate or destroy Tenseingan.

Mixing Ohtsutsuki and pureblood chakra Hyuga is the best way to activate Tenseigan. Hinata could activate Tenseigan by destroying or restoring the moon, according to theory.

Chakra can’t be passed from one generation to the next, but Hamura Otsuki has a unique Chakra. Legend has it that Hamura’s Chakra was passed down through the generations of Otsuki, Hyuga clans.

Presently, Naruto Otsuki, Boruto’s father, has been reincarnated as Ashura Otsuki. He also received the Chakra from Hagoromo Oksutsuki. He also has the Chakra of all the tailed animals within him.

Hinata’s Uzumaki heritage also gives him a strong life force. Both he and Hinata may have passed their powerful genes onto Boruto.

This gene transfer can be observed in the Kyuubi Jinchurikis and their offspring. Kushina Uzumaki, her ancestors (Naruto and Boruto), are particularly notable.

Boruto’s and Himmawari’s faces are just one example.

What is Jougan Dojutsu exactly?

Jogan is an original dojutsu. Jogan is a unique dojutsu, which the Otsuki Clan recognizes only. It’s dangerous, but members claim that it’s a strength passed down from their clan.

The manga shows that the dojutsu is a simple looking weapon with a unnoticeable pupil. Dojutsu is shown in manga as a lighter blue with a darkerened sclera. It also has an apparent pupil.

Boruto was unable to activate the device upon command when he used it for the first time during his time at Academy. Instead, it would blink when he focused his attention on one object or person. Boruto was a teenager when he had the ability to activate it.


This dojutsu must be active before it can take control of the hidden targets.

Boruto can detect changes in Chakra flow and sense them. It can also track a target through their Chakra.

It can also see the Tenketsu and the chakra pathways. It can also see invisible barriers connecting dimensions and forecast where Yomotsu Hirasaka may be located.

Its name was originally spelled in early production materials using “Jogan” (Jing Yan), literally meaning: Pure Eye).

It was still published in writing. However, the name was changed to “Jogan”, which is Jing Yan for Pure Eye.

After the broadcast of episode 15, Chengxi Huang (animator for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations) posted a blog entry to clarify the situation. The animator clarified that Eye was not a Byakugan or Tenseigan and was at the time called a “Jogan” (“Jing Yan), literally meaning the Pure Eye).

He clarified that the Eye was linked to Otsuki’s clan dimension. Its abilities are equivalent to Naruto’s dojutsu in the detection of negative emotions.

He also said that he did not have the complete script and that the information he gave was only an estimate. We will discuss this more soon.

He said that fans should not dwell on it in the moment, because the writer had not considered all of the details. Boruto was seen placing eyedrops in his right eye. It was captioned, “Jogan.”

Here are some interesting Jougan powers and abilities:

  1. Boruto can observe the Chakra flow and track a target through their Chakra.
  2. It is possible to see the chakra system clearly, and identify its key points.
  3. It can detect invisible barriers between dimensions and open portals between them.
  4. It can sense negative emotions just like Naruto and can see spirit figures (Nue and Momoshiki).

What does Jougan mean to Boruto?

The Jougan is a strong character in the next chapter. Boruto, who Toneri has predicted to be the one to carry the fate of the entire universe, is the one at the top power pyramid above the Ohtsuki or the Shinobi.

The Jougan could be an early form of dojutsu, which the great Ohtsutsuki may have used.

This could mean that Boruto has the greatest potential to be the most powerful being on Earth without karma.

Karma powers are another weapon in his arsenal. Momoshiki also mentioned/foreshadowed this when he stated that these eyes would take everything from Boruto. This may be Naruto’s fate in Jhinchuuriki. He was going to cause pain and destruction but he transformed it.

Boruto may be able change his fate like his father, or like his Uncle Neji who was a victim to fate. This is why Jougan Boruto is an enigma to the Otsukis.

We don’t yet know the limitations and how Jougan works. If used in excess, will it be as efficient as the Sharingan? Is it able to help Boruto develop new techniques or jutsus?

I believe we will be able answer our questions soon, because the war against Issihiki Obsusuki is ending and we are very close to the end.


Boruto got the Jougan from his father Naruto and mother Hinata. Boruto got the Jougan from his mother Hinata and father Naruto. He is said to be stronger than Sasuke. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions about the article How did Boruto obtain the Jougan?

Boruto has one Jougan.

My opinion is that Boruto has The Jougan in only one eye. The Jougan will then be released to another dojutsu in the second eye. Boruto should look and act the same as Sasuke.

Is Jougan more powerful than rinnegan

It is not currently. It will, however, in the near future. Although the extent of its capabilities have not yet been revealed, we do know it is strong enough to rival the Otsuki’s power. This makes it comparable to the Rinnegan.

Boruto Jougan was given by toneri.

Boruto had this power initially, but it was still slumbering within him. Boruto’s novel explains the details. After he saw Nue, Toneri was the one who prompted Boruto’s early awakening.

Is Boruto a Jougan Before Karma was Born?

The Jougan was transmitted to us by a bloodline, on the other. Boruto was able to access the Jougan because Toneri helped him.

However, the Jougan is still a mystery to how it works and how to activate it. After beating Momoshiki, Boruto received the Karma we have seen.

Will Himawari have Jougan

Himawari is the youngest person to have that Kekkei Genkai. Because she is Naruto’s daughter, it must be something special. Think of Boruto’s Jougan as a powerful Kekkei Genkai. Himawari will have something else up her sleeves.

Is Boruto a Byakugan or Jougan?

Boruto seems to have what he claimed to have, Jougan. It was visible in his left eye and appeared to be the Byakugan. But it isn’t. The Jougan is able to sense and perceive Chakra. It is believed to be a combination of the Sharingan and Byakugan.

Is Kawaki a Jougan user?

Kawaki is rare, and neither is the Jougan. Jagan was a form byakugan that Boruto received through toneri Otsuki. He knew that the gods (otsuki), would eventually arrive to defend the chakra tree and would thus have to use Jagan.

Is Jougan a kekkei genkai?

Boruto creators have repeatedly stated that it is not the Jougan and is not associated to the byakugan. The Kekkei Genkai has been described as something new or too old to be considered part of our current knowledge. The Jougan is not associated with the byakugan.

What if Naruto had Rinnegan

Naruto is not as good as Hogoromo because he doesn’t have the Rinnegan. Naruto can rinnegan and become a sage with six paths. He is half the strength as the sage with six paths. The sage will have six paths when he rinnegans.

Is Boruto a Kurama person?

Boruto does not have Kurama, as it isn’t hereditary. However, Naruto’s Boruto anime has Kurama. This article doesn’t mention Kurama returning to Boruto. 

It’s therefore likely that the anime will also feature Kurama. According to the manga, Kurama was killed in Chapter 55. Episode 219 was adapted from the same chapter.


Boruto got Jougan. Boruto got the Jougan through his family bloodline. However, it’s not confirmed that Jougan has kekkai-genkai status.

It is believed that Jougan, the Pure Eye in Boruto, was born from the chakras of Hagoromo and Hamuro Otsuksuki. However, it can be actuated involuntarily.

Boruto is Naruto: Next Generation’s main character. Naruto sequel Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. This fictional character comes from Boruto anime. He is both the sole and the only child of Naruto.

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