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What is the cost of liposuction? According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2022 data, liposuction will cost $3,657. The cost of liposuction only represents a fraction of the total price. It doesn’t include anesthesia and operating room equipment and other related costs.

Smart liposuction is famous for its most well-known procedure, which minimizes the appearance of submental fat. Also called “double-chin,” Smartlipo is well-known for its use. Submental fat can develop under the chin because of age or obesity. People who are healthy and less than 20-25 pounds from their ideal weight could be prone to developing submental fullness under the chin. Even if they are active and follow the right diet.

Patients seeking ways to minimize the appearance the appearance of a “double chin” can choose from a range of ways to contour their bodies at various degrees of incision. Three options are available available for dealing with double chins. Liposuction Traditional (Laser-assisted liposuction) and non-invasive injectables. This article will discuss Smartlipo laser-assisted liposuction that can reduce submental fullness.

Smartlipo Double Chin Treatment

Cost of double liposuction of the chin

The cost of Smartlipo for the chin can vary dependent on the place where the the procedure is done. But, the cost range that patients should expect to pay is between $2,500 and $4,000.

During the process

Double chin liposuction WIFH is performed with local anesthesia as well as the entire Smartlipo procedures. The instruments used during the procedure are small around 2-3 millimeters wide. This causes minimal bruises and less tissue damage following the procedure.

A single puncture is needed to start double liposuction on the chin. This permits the positioning of the microcannula that is tiny, that houses the laser fiber. A numbing agent is applied to the affected area. The laser’s heat reduces fat and tightens skin. The body then is suctioned by the fluid that has been liquefied.

Post-Procedure Recovery

Mild swelling can be seen following double liposuction of the chin. Patients can also experience bleeding. But, it is not common. In about 3-5 days, swelling should diminish. Although it’s not required to wear the compression gown in all situations, it is recommended to wear one to ensure that chin surgery is more effective.

How do I prepare for the removal of chin fat?

Patients should stop smoking cigarettes and follow an appropriate diet. Also, they should be active prior to the procedure. This can help speed up healing. Prior to undergoing liposuction surgery, patients who take blood pressure medications must be in control. Blood thinners, such as Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen aspirin, Aleve are not recommended for 10 days prior to surgery.

Patients should see Dr. Karcher prior to undergoing the procedure of chin-liposuction. The consultation will consist of an in-depth exam of the neck of the patient as well as a health check-up and discussion on the results that patients will experience during the procedure. The outcome will differ between each patient and another and will depend on the appearance of the chin prior to the procedure.

What is the Chin Liposuction Process Like?

The process of reducing the chin is just 30 minutes. Two options are available to consider: You can choose to take an anxiety relieving medication, or I’ll treat your neck with an local painkiller. Three small incisions, about 1cm are made under your chin, with one just below each earlobe and another below.


Dr. Patel performs double chin procedures using a unique technique. He begins by guiding the cannula along an upper plane, but without taking out any fat. This type of liposuction that is dry helps reduce the skin’s elasticity into the tissues beneath. It improves the neck contour and firm the skin. The fat that is between your neck’s skin and muscles can be removed with the needle of 3mm.


After 3-4 stitches have been taken out, you’ll be home in 7 to 7 days. You might experience swelling and bruises in the following three to five days. It may take up to one month to be able to observe the final results. We suggest that you wear an elastic bandage around your face and neck throughout the beginning of the week. You can then take it off and wear it in the evening.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the article: How much will liposuction cost?

How much does chin liposuction cost?

Depending on the patient the procedure can cost between the range of $3,000 to $5,000. Patients can expect an increase in submental fullness as swelling diminishes. This typically occurs between 3-5 weeks, and 6 months following the procedure. The final results are usually expected within 3 to 6 months.

How much is chin liposuction ? Orange County?

The price of neck liposuction to improve the chin can range from $4750 to $6750, contingent on the particulars of the treatment program. Submental liposuction costs may be affected by the kind of procedure and the amount of fat is eliminated.

How long will the chin liposuction procedure last?

Many people appear more youthful when the skin tightens. It’s not difficult for males and females to understand why chin liposuction can be one of the most enjoyable treatments for the face.

How much is the cost of lipo on the cheeks?

Treatments range between $1200 to $1800. If you need multiple procedures the chin liposuction procedure could be less expensive. Since cellulite has been eliminated permanent results are possible.

Which is more effective, chin liposuction, or Kybella?

Liposuction is a method to get rid of fat cells through suctioning them away. Kybella, also called deoxycholic acid, is a direct method to destroy fat cells directly. The Kybella treatment doesn’t give you the neck shape you want. Instead your skin will be repaired or redraped in order to enhance the appearance after the removal of fat.


What is Chin Liposuction Worth? Based on real-time estimates the median cost for the jawline and chin liposuction ranges from $3000 to $3,000. While chin liposuction is typically performed under general anesthesia experienced surgeons can help patients through the process with local anesthesia. This will drastically reduce your expenses. Doctor. Patel has performed hundreds of liposuctions on the chin every year, and is able to do this with ease while you’re awake. This results in a faster recovery time and less expensive.

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