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As Cannabis becomes more popular (and legal) across the United States, it’s no surprise that people interested in Cannabis are also searching for one on the web. Cannabis entrepreneurs have profiles on the most well-known social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In the past, several companies that operate in the cannabis industry have had their profiles shut off the internet in a flash. The cannabis industry’s employees who want to communicate with colleagues and customers via phones have encountered the opposition of Apple or Google retailers, who typically don’t have cannabis-related apps.
It’s not surprising that a variety of cannabis-related social media networks have come up to help those in the cannabis industry and others in connecting both professionally and socially. Suppose you’re looking for a cannabis-related online business social network or establishing connections with your acquaintances. In this case, you’ll get the connection you’re looking for on the most popular cannabis social media sites.
LinkedIn is considered to be the most welcoming of those social media sites. LinkedIn doesn’t censor content. It’s also the most extensive business database on the planet. Some of the organic ideas for posting are:
We will be sharing interesting information about cannabis-related ideas, news information, and more.
Highlight your employees
Encourage interaction through encouraging comments and likes.
Make use of your page invites to drive more the number of visitors to your page. (you get 100 invites per month)
Cannabis social media networks for business
Grasscity is one of the longest-running networks online that is dedicated to Cannabis. It was founded to create an online platform for growers. Over time it has grown to include forums that focus on discussions about smoking cannabis, alternatives to the legalization of cannabis consumption, ways to locate dispensaries, and more.

Visit this website for the latest cannabis news and archives through the years to learn how the perception of Cannabis has changed. The directory of dispensaries is searchable if you’re trying to find legal Cannabis in your region.
WeedLife Network
Cannabis is a social media site.

WeedLife Network has existed since 2013, but as part of the network comprised of more than 40 websites, it’s worth noting. By using the News Feed, customers can browse the latest information from companies that deal with marijuana, look up images and videos, and connect with other users on discussion forums. Through Facebook fan pages, social media marketing capabilities, and groups, cannabis enthusiasts get together in common desires. They can reach out to more than 120 nations around the globe.

WeedLife provides social media sites mostly designed for consumers. However, increasing numbers of companies are signing up because this is where their customers are. In the end, you’ll have to select between a business or personal profile before you start. Businesses can advertise their products and also list their dispensary in WeedLife. WeedLife directory. You can also advertise your latest sales.

The website is a user-friendly mobile application that allows users to connect with locals and find nearby dispensaries when traveling.

WeedLife is a popular social network specifically for consumers; however, many businesses have profiles on the platform since it’s where their users are. You’ll have to decide on the personal and business profiles before signing up. Business users can promote their products and include their dispensary in WeedLife. WeedLife directory. You can also highlight your most recent sales.

The site is simple to navigate and use, as is the mobile application allows users to connect to the local community and locate dispensaries when they travel.

Through a mobile app that can send notifications directly to your smartphone, The social network lets users connect even while traveling. Cannabis lovers can create profiles to promote interaction, and online shopping is easy. Weldable lets users on social media follow their favorite brands and allows customers from businesses to create private connections with their clients. It also acts as a water cooler over the internet, allowing users to get the latest information that impacts the population of weed lovers.
MassRoots was established as a social media platform to connect students with cannabis users. Users. It was among the first websites that gained investors’ confidence needed to make it public. MassRoots had some difficulties at first; as it came to light, it was not available on the Apple App Store and refused to incorporate its app. However, after some modifications to the application, MassRoots is on iOS and Android platforms. It is only available to states where cannabis usage is permitted; however, more than 1 million active users use it, despite the restrictions.

With such a large following, it is no wonder that dispensaries and related businesses have been featured on the website and in the application. It’s easy to sign-up and advertises companies. Suppose you’ve got your dispensary displayed on the site. If so, you will be able to access the statistics of your customers to modify your advertising and marketing, making MassRoots among the top attractive marijuana social networks.

The companies also gain since, instead of providing forums for users to connect, it focuses on allowing users to rate and review the brands of Cannabis as well as similar cannabis products. You can think of its review feature as a form like Yelp in the cannabis industry. Additionally, it is an excellent place to connect with customers with rewards programs that earn you points with movie or concert tickets, festival admission passes, and more.

Another factor that makes MassRoots popular with customers is its policy on privacy. While many social media platforms require collecting contact details, MassRoots goes out of its way to safeguard its users’ privacy.

In the days of Cannabis being illegal nearly everywhere, Duby was created as an online social media platform that made sure that it was safe for fans of Cannabis to share and connect without the fear of being in trouble. Duby has grown from an online community to an app that connects thousands of marijuana lovers with a smattering of Instagram and Tinder. It has been featured in various reports both in print and broadcast mainstream media.
Videos and stories allow users to connect, network, and track dates. Although Duby isn’t designed to be a social networking site to be business-oriented networking, it provides plenty of opportunities for companies specializing in Cannabis to advertise their products and interact with their clients.

lead wire
The professional look of this cannabis-focused business network is one reason why people like to compare it with LinkedIn. One of the main objectives is to link investors to cannabis-related businesses, which helps to expand the $22 billion market. Business owners seeking investors or in reverse, LeafWire can aid you in connecting.

It was difficult for businesses that dealt with Cannabis before to get the interest of investors, largely because of the stigma and uncertainty surrounding the industry. As legalization grows and the stigma is removed, investors begin to recognize the potential growth opportunities for the cannabis business. But, they’re not sure what to do to connect with businesses looking for capital. LeafWire assists in making this connection.

Like LinkedIn, LeafWire helps cannabis businesses find talented employees. It’s a platform that brings together professionals working in the field to discuss the most recent trends, techniques, tactics, and most recent information regarding the medical and recreational marijuana sector.

The social media aspect isn’t the primary purpose of LeafWire. Thus, new users can join only through an experienced and reputable investor or professional working in the sector. Anyone looking for employment can visit to search for job openings. LeafWire marketplace will allow users to list their offers.
The brand new platform aimed at Cannabis is more focused than other platforms because it focuses on medical Cannabis. JointBudz is a great source of information on the use of Cannabis to treat a variety of illnesses and information about the cultivation of marijuana and many other discussions.

It is clear in its name that its main purpose is to help customers of Cannabis locate local shops and dispensaries. It’s a fantastic source for dispensaries’ cannabis SEO strategies, and they want to establish an online presence that’s an important online community. Dispensaries can advertise deals and coupons and be able to place online purchases through the application.

The social media site has more than just maps. It also offers reviews on various brands and strains. Users are also able to share pictures and comments.

If LeafWire can be described as the LinkedIn for social networks, BudHubz is the old-school Foursquare. If users join BudHubz, or the “buds” online, they receive recommendations from the dispensaries they visit and cannabis products such as headshops, doctors, and other options. Even though it’s in the beginning stages of its development at the beginning of 2020, BudHubz is a promising cannabis social media platform that fills a need.

MJ Mary Jane
If LeafWire is described as LinkedIn and BudHubz could be described as Foursquare in the marijuana social networks, MJ Mary Jane is Pinterest. This is where you can upload or view amazing images of marijuana growers, smokers, and other cannabis enthusiasts. You can score your favorites and save your favorite photos and connect with other users on Social Media. Look for MJ Mary Jane on iOS and Android.

MJ Link
With seed funds of $1.7 million by investment funds, the Cannabis-related media platform will probably be operating for a longer duration. In reality, the platform geared towards business has been linked to WeedLife and is much more social. WeedLife will grow its audience by 3 million people per month.
Who’s on MJLink? This is a different website specifically created for professionals, which means you can meet with lawyers and sellers and marketers, growers, producers, product designers, and a range of cannabis entrepreneurs. If you’re involved with the field of professional Cannabis, this site is fast becoming a platform that you’ll need to establish your presence. After you’ve created an account and can join via video feeds, newsfeeds directories, and news feeds, this combination between WeedLife and MJLink also operates the HempTalk forum, which will extend its reach even more.

420 Singles
This isn’t an organization-oriented platform – You can identify it as a social network by the name. Think of it as the Tinder of Cannabis. It works the same way that Tinder does, but with the capability of swiping left and right to make matches (or avoid the ones you don’t want to). Of course, those you’ll meet on this site have all been cannabis-friendly. You’ll meet new people in your local community and worldwide, whether you’re trying to create an alliance or meet someone willing to share a joint.

420 Magazine Forum
420 Magazine is indeed a traditional print media outlet. However, it has an online presence and an active forum that acts as a social network on the internet. Participate in a lengthy discussion about growing methods and strategies. It is also a place to participate in the latest discussions on marijuana and the latest legalizations, laws, regulations, and regulations that could affect your personal or business. With more than 1000 active members, you’ll be able to find answers to your questions and build great connections.
High There
There’s more than Tinder to be found in Cannabis. High There uses the method of swiping left or right like Tinder and 420 Singles. The app allows you to connect with people who are also cannabis enthusiasts looking for everything from relationships to the possibility of meeting a new person or even smoking. The application is free on Google Play and the Apple App stores. Google Play and Apple App stores work for Android and iOS platforms.

Weed Circles
It’s fine; extending the similarity between social media popular with cannabis-related media, Weed Circles is essentially Google+ with a little LinkedIn appearance to add a bit of flavor. It’s mostly a cannabis-related business-oriented social network. Weed Circles is filled with cannabis-related entrepreneurs’ groups, including vendors, growers, cultivators, dispensary proprietors, and more. Advertising your brand is easy, and so is growing your followers. The group-based social network allows you to sign up for free, and if it is similar to the WeedLife website, that’s because WeedLife is its owner.

With more than 400 000 visitors per month, The social media website provides a fantastic chance to join. One of the most popular features of CannaSOS is their databases that contain extensive information on hundreds of cannabis varieties and extracts and all the necessary information concerning THC content and more. This information can be utilized for marketing through social media via the display platform.

You can also contact cannabis experts in the industry to discuss particular topics related to cultivation and selling. In addition to this, CannaSOS is also an excellent source for reading reviews about cannabis products.
Kushcommon is one of the few social media platforms restricted to invite-only accounts. It’s a global platform focused on connecting users through videos, music blog posts, blogs, and various other forms of news from the cannabis industry. Members can also share their personal views on vendors, suppliers, and products. Start by submitting your email address below.

Smoke Network
This social network platform powered by blockchain started as an account created on Facebook and was repeatedly blocked without explanation. Smoke Network offers nothing other than a social media platform that deals with cannabis reward points in the form of crypto. If posts are voted on or liked, they are rewarded with a small amount of crypto. As an online platform based on blockchain technology and a decentralized social media platform, it assures absolute privacy to its users.

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