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Cannabis business social network: The cannabis industry is booming and has brought a lot of jobs and new opportunities. One way to find your niche in this space is through social media.

However, not all social networks are created equal. Duby Social Media is an innovation in the cannabis industry because it offers a unique platform for companies to grow their audience and reach new customers.


Cannabis business social network is a great way for cannabis businesses to connect with each other and get news, advice, and resources. With a social media presence, cannabis businesses can reach a large audience and build trust with potential customers.

The cannabis business social network provides users with the ability to find, follow, and connect with other cannabis businesses. Through the network, businesses can learn about new products and services, find common interests, and collaborate on projects. Additionally, the social media platform provides an opportunity to brand and promote your company in a positive light.

Though there are many cannabis business social networks available, we recommend Cannabis Business Worldwide (CBW). CBW is a user-friendly platform that allows businesses to create custom profiles and share content in a variety of languages. CBW also offers features such as ratings and reviews that help customers make informed decisions about which businesses to follow.

What is a cannabis business social network?

Cannabis business social networks are online platforms that allow cannabis businesses to connect with each other and with potential customers. They can provide valuable resources and tips, help businesses grow their customer base, and promote product sales. Some of the most popular cannabis business social networks include:

  • Weedmaps: This network is designed for cannabis dispensaries and growers. It provides detailed information on locations and products, as well as user reviews. Weedmaps also has a section for conferences and events.
  • Leafly: This network is geared specifically toward medicinal marijuana patients and providers. It offers a comprehensive directory of dispensaries, strains, products, and more. Users can also create personal profiles, join forums, and rate dispensaries.
  • 420 Connect: This social network is for people who are interested in cannabis legalization and the cannabis industry. It offers news stories, blog posts, photos, videos, and more about marijuana legalization.

How does it work?

Cannabis business social network is a social media platform that helps businesses to connect with each other and grow their network. The platform allows business owners to post updates, announcements, and links to their website.

They can also post content about their products or services and receive feedback from other users. The social media platform also allows users to join online communities to discuss specific topics or trends in the cannabis industry.

Why would I use this platform?

One of the many great things about cannabis business social networks is that they offer a way for businesses of all sizes to connect with potential customers.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great for building relationships and connecting with existing customers, but cannabis business social networks offer a much more intimate experience.

This allows businesses to build trust with their customers and create a loyal following. Additionally, cannabis business social networks offer a wealth of information and resources that can be useful when starting or expanding a business.

Whether you’re looking for tips on growing marijuana or want to learn more about selling products online, these networks can help you out.

Who uses it and why?

Cannabis business social network (CBNS) is a platform that connects cannabis businesses with one another. CBNS allows businesses to share information, connect with other businesses, and find new customers. CBNS also helps businesses grow their business by providing resources and support.

Who is on the platform?

As of November 2018, the platform currently has around 2,000 active members.  The majority of users are cannabis businesses (74%), followed by consumers (26%) and researchers (4%). 

Cannabis businesses can post information about their products, services, and events. Consumers can find information about where to purchase cannabis products, learn about strains and recipes, and connect with other interested consumers.

Researchers can access data on cannabis products and markets to help them make informed decisions. While there are currently 2,000 members on Cannacord, the platform is not your typical online community.

Users can provide feedback for other members or leave reviews about specific products or brands. Additionally, users can give each other β€œpoints” which act as currency on the site.

For example, if you place an order for cannabis flowers with a trusted vendor, you will receive more points than someone who does not have a relationship with that vendor. This incentivizes users to be more active and aware of their choices when it comes to cannabis products.

What do I need in order to join?

You must register an account with Cannacord before you can begin using the product. Once logged in and approved by the Cannac

Pros and Cons of Platform

The pros and cons of using a cannabis business social network will vary depending on the specific platform being used. However, most social networks have features that can be useful for cannabis businesses. 

Some of the benefits of using a social network for cannabis businesses include: 

  • – Increased brand awareness.
  • – Faster growth.
  • – Increased customer loyalty.
  • – Increased communication with customers and clients.
  • – Improved marketing efforts.
  • – Greater visibility and more opportunities to connect with potential partners and investors.


If you are in the cannabis industry and want to build a social media following for your business, then you should consider using a cannabis-specific social network.

These networks allow businesses to connect with likeminded individuals and share information about products and services they offer. Additionally, these networks can be used to market products and services directly to customers.

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