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Is a Flash Speed Mop worth it?


You’re obviously tired of mopping your floors with that filthy old mop. It stinks, is soiled with bacteria, and, to be very honest, damages your foundation.

Presenting the Flash speed mop, my favorite mop of them all. When you use this fantastic device, cleaning your house is a breeze. The Speed Mop is always my first choice since it is quick, effective, and highly hygienic.

About Speed Flash speed mop

With this revolutionary mop from Flash that employs wet pads rather than a conventional mop head and bucket, you can glide over floors.

When disassembled, the SpeedMop is a lightweight, bucketless wet mop that is small enough to fit in your under-sink cabinet.

The mop costs around £10 at retail and a box of 24 pads costs about £6. But shop about; we found the mop for as little as £7.50 at Wilko and a 12-pad set for £3 in Morrisons.

It glides over surfaces easily, can be disassembled for storage, and has a pleasant lemon aroma.

How to use flash speed mop

It is portable and straightforward, yet it also looks reasonably durable. Depending on the size of your floor, you may only need to use one or two mop pads every wash because they are incredibly durable. They perform better than a standard mop head.

The mop glides easily over the floor, and the flexible 360-degree swivel joint makes it simple to guide the head precisely where you need it. 

It moves smoothly, and it nearly makes mopping surfaces enjoyable!

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The Fun Slots

The mop is made of a flat mop head with a swivel joint and four tubular rods that can be slotted together to form a handle that measures 124 cm (48 inches). For simple storage, it is detachable once more.

A simple remedy is made when the wet mop pads are wrapped around the head. Refills come in packs of 12 or 24 and come with the mop’s initial supply of 6 places.

The pads have a mild lemon scent and are rather damp, making removing them from the pack challenging. 

Lemon Sticks

We did see that dirt and dust clumped together and mainly, but not always, adhere to the mop head, so you will need to go and physically clean them off with a paper towel afterwards.

In our test, glossy floor tiles took a few minutes to dry than matt tiles. 

Using just one pad, we quickly cleaned a total floor space of 7 square metres, and the spent mop pad easily peeled off and was disposed of. 

Aspects of the Flash Speed Mop

Let’s look at the characteristics to determine whether this is the right mop for you.

1. Trap & lock technology locks in dirt and grime

The trap + lock technology used in the Flash speed mop is excellent for dissolving dirt and grime because it locks them away and prevents them from spreading over the floor by trapping them in the centre of the cloth.

2. A thin-speed broomstick

The Flash speed mopstick is highly portable and easy to store due to its narrow design and lightweight.

The speed mop’s size enables it to access hard-to-reach areas, such as below the sofa or around the trash can, without requiring users to move any furniture or stoop down.

3. Disposable mop cloths that dry quickly

By wrapping the cloth around the speed mop head and clipping the four corners into the head, the detachable flash speed mop cloths are simple to put on and take off.

The cleaning solution leaves your floor smelling tremendous and looking lovely and glossy, and the thick cloths are two times thicker and wetter than a typical floor wipe.

4. Built-in scrubby strip

The top of the flash speed mop wet cloth has a green strip for washing any stubborn dirt or grime.

Using this strip, you may scrape away stubborn filth with a little more force without using any more cleanser or product.

5. All floors are secure

The Flash speed mop is a highly adaptable mop that can be used on most hard surfaces, including ceramic, wood, and vinyl.

6. Head that swivels 360 degrees

The flash speed mop’s 360-degree head design makes it easy to fit into any small place.

With a swivel head that can be rotated completely 360 degrees, no location is beyond bounds.

Speed Mop Flash Experts

A simple and sanitary mop uses a brand-new, fresh cloth for each session instead of a typical mop. With every usage, you will have a completely sterile wipe, and the trap and lock technology helps store all the dirt that is being picked up.

  • Speedy

Because of the flash mop’s small size and lightweight, you can quickly reach those difficult-to-reach locations, set it up, and take it down.

Just snap the poles together, fasten a damp towel to the head, and start cleaning.


The Flash speed mop and the Flash Mop are excellent options if you’re searching for a Flash mop to clean your house swiftly. 

You’re best off using the Speed Mop if your flooring is often immaculate but occasionally only needs a quick wipe clean.Read More: What is the best bowl to use in the microwave?

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