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An Introduction to Saitek in Less than 10 Minutes

What is Saitek?

Saitek is a gadgets producer of PC peripherals and arcade controls, most popular for its line of gamepads and flight sticks. Saitek’s product offering incorporates Simplot controls, joysticks, choke quadrants, rudder pedals, keypads and consoles.

Who tracked down the organization?

The organization was established by two siblings in London in 1983 as “SimThrust,” delivering instrumentation for the aeronautic trade. In 1999 they ventured into the recreative market with a joystick designated at battle flight reenactments; this joystick is still effectively sold today. They presently produce a large number of peripherals utilized by gamers from one side of the planet to the other.

Who claims Saitek?

Saitek is important for the Frantic Catz bunch and as such is possessed by an organization situated in San Diego, California (U.S.A). Frantic Catz themselves are possessed by an organization called Trilobyte, who make an extensive variety of customer hardware items including joysticks and consoles.

Is there any set of experiences behind the name?

The name Saitek comes from “Programming Help Consolidated,” which was the first corporate name picked in 1983. “Saitek” was gotten from two words: “Programming” and “Tek”. “Tek” is a contraction of “innovation” (see the organization’s set of experiences for all relevant information).

Where are Saitek items made?

Saitek items are planned, produced and tried in their office in London (UK). The activity goes from plan to deals, warehousing and general organization. Their creation office is centered around equipment fabricating; delivering both boxed and retail bundled things for online deal. A real Sentence for that Cannibal Armin Meiwes Crime Scene Photo.

Do any Saitek workers produce pilot training programs?

No, Saitek items are not planned with the express aim of being utilized in a pilot training program. In any case, there are few Saitek items which might be associated with a current pilot training program or programming. This incorporates their “Saitek Master Flight” joysticks made for Microsoft Pilot training program X and the “Saitek Expert Flight” rudder pedals.

What is Saitek’s relationship with Microsoft?

Saitek items are not embraced by Microsoft at all. Nonetheless, there are a set number of “Microsoft”- marked Saitek items which may not be excessively unlike genuine counterparts. These incorporate the G35 dashing haggle quadrant, which share much for all intents and purpose to the standard Microsoft flight control board switches and fastens.

Are Saitek items made explicitly for pilot test programs?

No. Saitek doesn’t make any of its items with the unequivocal expectation of being associated with a virtual experience. Numerous Saitek items are given the proper links to interface with pilot training program programming, however these are incorporated for similarity as it were. It depends on a singular client to guarantee that these parts capability accurately in their equipment set-up and proceed as required.

Are Saitek items accessible in my country?

Actually look at the rundown of merchants underneath to really take a look at Saitek’s stretch all over the planet. On the off chance that your nation is excluded, there is a decent opportunity that Saitek items are not accessible in your space.

Where might I at any point get Saitek support?

Saitek doesn’t offer specialized help for its items straightforwardly, however it gives an extensive variety of contact addresses for this reason (look down to the “Reaching Saitek” segment). Of these choices, “Saitek Direct” (the organization’s own client support division) is suggested just like the most accommodating.

What do other Saitek clients think about the product offering?

Saitek’s items are generally viewed as of exceptionally great. There is an extensive variety of Saitek items accessible with a lot of assortment and decision. The organization has gained notoriety for delivering top notch items which work impeccably from the very beginning and proposition incredible incentive for cash.


* Huge scope of items to browse.

* Top caliber.

* Wide assortment of control gadgets (joysticks, chokes, wheels, rudder pedals and that’s just the beginning).

* Modest costs.


* May require extra programming to be introduced on the PC to collaborate with the gadget in full.

* Some Saitek items are exceptionally intended for their objective market (the “iFly” joystick for instance). This makes it hard for them to be utilized external their planned market. freeinjects.com – freeinjects


Saitek are a brand of frill for PCs, computer games and other electronic gadgets. “Saitek” is an abbreviation which means “Programming Help Inc.” (which makes sense of why the ‘Tek’ is absent from their name). The items they make incorporate flight controls, joysticks and burdens, consoles, mouse options, mouse cushions, PC gaming cushions and that’s just the beginning. They have many various regulators accessible with a wide range of highlights to suit both easygoing gamers and serious flight sim lovers. In any case, Saitek items are not planned explicitly for use with pilot training program programming – they are viable by plan as it were.


* Restricted scope of items.

* Restricted data accessible on Saitek’s site.

* A few items have an excessive cost tag.


* Enormous scope of items to look over (with many choices ).

* Modest costs for most items which are not costly.


* No web-based help (just telephone support).

* No web-based client care address (trouble in messaging organization).

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