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5 Wise Tips For Recovery After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

What is a wisdom tooth?

It is the last two (or four) tooth people have at the back of their mouth. They are useful for chewing food usually, hard meat, candy, nuts, and any food.

The folklore about the wisdom tooth gave it such a name. People having wisdom teeth have more intelligence and are wiser. In some cultures, it is a boon from the Gods.

Most people get wisdom teeth between the age of 17-24 years. There is no specific age for this. Some of us are fortunate not to have any complications from our wisdom teeth. There are many who face complications when the wisdom teeth grow in the wrong direction. It causes pain and serious discomfort. If you ignore it, it gets very painful. So you need to get an emergency wisdom tooth extraction done on an immediate basis. Take an appointment and get the extraction done at the earliest. The affected area remains sore before and after a few days of the extraction.

Post-surgery, people need to do certain things for a quick recovery. Here we have mentioned some useful tips in this regard:

1. Use gauze to slow down bleeding post-surgery

The affected area will continue bleeding for some time after the extraction. It’s natural to bleed so no need to worry. Your dentist will place clean, fresh gauze on the extracted area till the bleeding stops. You need to apply pressure on the gauze to minimize the bleeding as much as you can. The bleeding usually continues for 45 minutes to an hour after extraction. Apply fresh gauze if the gauze is soaked and the bleeding continues. Maintain pressure on the affected area till the time the gauze is in place and until the bleeding stops. Avoid intake of any liquids or food for some time after the bleeding stops.

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2. Strict oral hygiene and care after surgery

Post 12 hours to surgery, rinse your mouth with salt water. You may also use mouthwash in a diluted concentration. Take special care to rinse your mouth after every meal. This prevents any food from lodging into the affected area. This also helps in reducing swelling and pain to a large extent. Avoid smoking at all costs. While brushing your teeth, be gentle with the brush on the affected areas to prevent bleeding.

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We all have a tendency to go easy on our oral hygiene routine once the pain subsides. It is important to understand that oral hygiene has the same priority as we do for our body hygiene. Outside elements pass through our mouth to reach our body. Good oral hygiene implies good personal hygiene.

3. Your body needs rest

Your body needs rest post-surgery for complete recovery. A wisdom tooth extraction also requires time to recuperate. You need to go slow and avoid a frantic pace of physical activity and running. This ensures recovery of the affected area in the mouth. People often make the mistake of diving into their normal pace of activity. Avoid it to ensure a speedy recovery. There is always a risk of infection spreading to other parts of the mouth or your body post an extraction. One needs to take due care during this period.

4. Exercise after surgery

A surgery to any part of the body weakens it and takes time to recover. It is the same with post extraction of the wisdom tooth. You have to be careful and avoid sudden big movements as it can lead to bleeding of the affected area and would be painful experience. Avoid any form of contact to the face. Refrain from any outdoor sports activity for some days. These will only prolong pain and the recovery time after surgery.

It is common to suffer with stiffness of the jaw post extraction. It is imperative to follow an exercise routine for your jaw. Nothing much just move your jaw around slightly. This regular exercise will slowly decrease the stiffness of your jaw.

Sometimes you find your jaw swollen post surgery. Don’t worry, its common, you can soothe affected area by applying ice pack for ten minutes.

5. Choose an appropriate diet

It takes a few days to recover from an extraction. Avoid chewing on food that has a hard base like candy, nuts, or meat. Chewing requires the use of your molars in the affected area that will cause bleeding or pain. Follow a liquid diet of smoothies, yogurt, and soups along with rice porridge. Take a few days to get back to your normal diet. This gives enough time for healing the affected area. Avoid chewing from the affected area.

We hope that you find the tips useful. Contact Private GP London and you will get a same day appointment for emergency wisdom tooth extractions in London.

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