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7 Useful Tips On How To Choose Your Wedding Cake 

Knowing what kind of wedding cake you want can be overwhelming with so many inventive designs and fresh flavours being developed all the time! Whether it is pre-made, photo cake or bespoke, we believe that selecting your wedding cake should be a lovely experience that enhances the delight of your big day. 

Here are some things to think about while selecting the ideal cake for your special occasion.

Think carefully about design

Instead of choosing your cake first, style your wedding first. Although you may believe you have a firm grasp on the type of wedding gown and design aesthetic you want to apply to your wedding festivities, you shouldn’t be too set in your ways until you’ve actually tried the gown on. When trying on wedding dresses, so many individuals decide they don’t like the style. This may have a significant impact on the wedding’s overall aesthetic.

Wedding cake budget

Take a step back and ask yourself if you can afford the wedding cake you have in mind before getting very enthused about it. Which approach is ideal in this situation? Consider the cost of the cake in relation to all other wedding expenses. Does it match your spending plan? If not, don’t get upset! Brides and grooms who require further assistance in setting priorities for their wedding budgets have a variety of options. Just keep in mind that sometimes, when it comes to love, there is no such thing as “too much” (or cake).

Choose the right cake maker

It’s crucial to choose the proper wedding cake maker. Even if someone comes highly recommended, always check over their prior creations before hiring them to bake your cake. The majority of wedding cake bakers will have their own specialties, which might range from more conventional to unconventional creations.

Do your homework and request a consultation from your favourite cake shop so you may view samples of earlier cakes they have created. A talented cake artist will have a creative eye and be able to advise you on a special design that will complement your wedding.

Leave time to taste the cake

You can reduce your choices by sampling several cakes. It might not be the finest illustration of how cake tastes when it is fresh to have a cake on hand that has been sitting out for a few hours. Eating at different times has the same effect since food has a distinct flavour depending on the time of day.

Match your cake size to the number of guests

How much cake do you need for the wedding? If you simply want a small, personal wedding, avoid the mistake of purchasing a large wedding cake. It will simply be tossed away in the end. The size of your wedding cake should correspond to the number of attendees. Also consider reserving the top tier for an anniversary party as another option.

Know the wedding theme and style

Your wedding’s theme, style, and colour palette should all be taken into account when choosing your wedding cake’s appearance and design. For instance, if your wedding is rustic in concept, a semi-naked cake would be the ideal complement to the decor.

If you’re having a conventional wedding, then a simple white cake with few decorations would be the ideal choice for the theme of your special day. You may also use this as an opportunity to be creative with your cake’s colour scheme and design if you’re going the more modern way. There are so many options, and cake artists are so talented!

Pick Your Frosting Wisely

Buttercream and fondant are two common options to take into consideration when it comes to frosting options for your cake. Although buttercream is unquestionably the most delectable option, it has some restrictions on how it can be decorated. On the other side, fondant lacks much flavour but is extremely smooth and excellent for decorating. 

Be sure to weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks of each frosting option as you choose which is best for you. These days, a buttercream layer with a thin coating of fondant on top that can be removed before eating is a popular choice.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about while choosing your wedding cake. The good news is that when shopping for the cake, you’ll at least get to sample several delectable delicacies with your soon-to-be spouse.

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